Baby Henry’s Newborn session

Gorgeous baby Henry came to see me a couple of weeks ago with his equally gorgeous big brother Alfie, who was certainly a little shy to begin with and most definitely did NOT want a picture with his younger brother.  So we had to abandon normal methods and we opted to have images taken instead on the couch with mum and dad and just went with some nice natural lifestyle images with Alfie reading his books and snuggling up with Mum and Dad.

Once Alfie had warmed up and relaxed into the environment we managed to get him down to the fluffy rug for some pictures with little Henry. =)

Henry on the other hand could not have been more chilled out.  He slept through the whole thing! I don’t think he wake up once.   Well, he stirred but that was just for a quick top up of milk and then he was off again into the land of nod.


Welcome to the world little Henry!

If you would like to know more about my Newborn sessions, please click HERE.   If you would like to see some of my work please click HERE to go to my gallery.

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I'm not sure if it's my love for children or my instinctive need to feed my creative spirit that sparked my interest in photography but I remember as a teenager always wanting to photograph my small cousins and baby brother. They were always in front of the camera as I tried out new lenses and poses.

Now a mother myself, I've developed an even stronger artistic passion. I was told many times how quickly they grow up but it's not until you become a parent yourself do you see just how quick that process is. Photography has become a way for me to document my children as they are right now, capturing every wonderful detail of babyhood and childhood.