Aadi’s Cake Smash

This gorgeous little chap first came to see me as a Newborn and he was just as chilled then as he was for his Cake smash and he seems to have gotten even cuter as he has grown older!

Aadi was quite happy to sit and pose for his photos and was very happy about eating his cake.

If you would like to book a Cake smash please click here.

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I'm not sure if it's my love for children or my instinctive need to feed my creative spirit that sparked my interest in photography but I remember as a teenager always wanting to photograph my small cousins and baby brother. They were always in front of the camera as I tried out new lenses and poses.

Now a mother myself, I've developed an even stronger artistic passion. I was told many times how quickly they grow up but it's not until you become a parent yourself do you see just how quick that process is. Photography has become a way for me to document my children as they are right now, capturing every wonderful detail of babyhood and childhood.